Acer – CSR company overview (Shenzhen Yonghong)

Labor violations at electronics manufacturer: over 200 children workers hired under the age of 16; required to work 1.5 hours daily without pay; normal work 13 hours/day for 30 days (390 hours/month); more than 400 hours/month during peak seasons, 60 of those without pay; no gloves, masks and proper ergonomics in workplace; hand, eye and other bodily injuries.

iPad Mini-mizes Labour Rights

Gross and systematic labour abuses are found at iPad mini manufacturer, including excessive and unpaid overtime, abusive use of student labor, and hazardous working environments, according to NGO investigation.

Adidas, Real Winner of the 2008 Olympics (3)

Terrible working conditions in factory (~3,000 workers) producing balls and sportswear; during peak season (October to February) workers don’t even have one day off a month; very low wages; factory withholds a month’s wage; workers experience ‘unimaginable pain’ on their hands from chemicals used; gloves provided only when factory is audited; factory trains workers to deceive clients.