About us


Who we are

We’re an independent non-profit enterprise comprised of a small team of researchers and activists located in Europe.


What we do

We read sources relating to corporate misconduct, summarize and distill their allegations, and organize and archive them in a clear and comprehensive manner. Our database contains material concentrated and sorted out by date, company, source, location and type of corporate malpractice.

It is an archive readily available for academics researching the nature of such practices, advocacy groups, and consumers in the process of informed and ethical buying.

As a framework for defining corporate misbehavior we use established guidelines drafted by international bodies such as the ILO, UN, OECD and others.


Our mission

Our most immediate aim is to include as many companies and incidents of misconduct as possible, in order to construct a concentrated, updated historical library.

This project makes information more accessible, and as such increases transparency on extremely pertinent issues, such as corruption, labor abuses, pollution, etc. relating to our economy’s foremost institutions.

By organizing information we aim to measure the size of corporate misconduct, evaluate its significance, identify patterns, and recognize imperfections in the institutional structure of corporations.

Ultimately, with the help of advocacy groups, consumers, companies and other stakeholders we hope to address these problems and, aided by the argumentative force of our comprehensive archival data, be able to more effectively suggest reform and push for change.



Contact details:

[email protected]