The Swiss Connection

Report claims Shell uses Swiss corporate structure and tax planning to avoid paying taxes in developing countries.

Corruption and Greed: Alianza Fashion Sweatshop in Guatemala

For 12 years, Alianza robbed workers of over $6 million in wages and benefits, changed it’s legal name 4 times, and defrauded the  Guatemalan Social Security Institute (including the workers’ pension accounts) of over $4.7 million. Alianza sold garments to brands who then profited by 415% and 550% mark-ups.

Exhaustion Has No Limit at Apple Supplier in China

Incidents of over 100 security guards harassing and beatings at factory (15,000 workers). Workers toil for 64 to 72 hours/week; with low wages; workers are numb and exhausted. “We are just machines” – Zhen Ding Tech worker