A female worker Relative Blames Suicide in Mattel’s supplier factory

Female factory worker (45 years old) jumps to death from sixth factory floor after argument with manager about taking time off from work. Allegedly, her poor performance was often criticized and as a result abused by her manager. At the time, she worked at the factory 11 hour daily shifts, 7 days/week.

BYD Company limited investigative report (Baolong SHenzhen)

Labor conditions at Baolong electronics factory (over 20.000 workers): 2 worker suicide attempts allegedly due to work stress, 1 dead, 1 survived (in the past 2 years); 10 hour daily work shifts (12 hours overall factory stay); 270 hours each month; 144 hours monthly overtime during busy season (September-December); 14 days non-stop work in busy season; wages less than 1 USD/hour.

Foxconn engineer jumps to death in China

Factory engineer (25 years old) jumped of building last week. Before her death an incident occurred of factory officials rebuking her, and telling her she would lose her job.

A Case Study: Adidas And Yueyuen (YYII-S6)

Very poor conditions at shoe factory (over 15,000 workers): frequent suicides; discrimination against workers; 10 hour regular daily shifts; at least 11 hour daily shifts, 6 days/week during peak seasons; exposure to extreme high temperatures and chemicals; lack of safety equipment.