Apple’s Unkept Promises: Investigation of Three Pegatron Group Factories Supplying to Apple (Avy)

Labor violations at factory (3,000 employees) manufacturing exterior computer parts: forced labor; ID’s withheld for 3-14 days preventing workers from leaving the factory; hiring discrimination over age groups (above 35 years old) and workers with tattoos; discrimination against pregnant women;  insufficient training procedure; 12 hour daily shifts (~136 hours monthly overtime); work 20- 31  days month; unpaid 14 hours of monthly overtime; mandatory overtime; base wage cannot meet basic needs ($240.95); workers rely on overtime; 80% of employees work while standing; factory disposes cutting solution to sewage system; chemical hazard; injuries; dispatch workers don’t recieve social insurance; worker harassement and scolding if quota isn’t met.

The Chaos in Global Supply Chain Exacerbates Terrible Working Conditions in China

Labor concerns at factory (about 3,500 workers) manufacturing parts of electronic products: the factory does not strictly adhere to the terms of the employment contract; 12-13.5 daily work shifts; some shifts last up to 15 hours; workers must go 3 months without a single day off; forced labor is present at the factory; monthly wage is 2000 RMB (308USD); workers are not given any fire safety training; some reported injuries.

Apple says child labour found at suppliers

Child labor, as well cases of excessive working-hours, hazardous waste and emissions, dangerous occupational environments, discrimination, and bonded labor found in audit of factories in 14 different countries initiated by Apple on its own supply chain.

Total lawsuit in Belgium (re Myanmar)

Accusations of complicity in crimes against humanity, such as torture and forced labour, committed by Myanmar military junta during construction and operation of ‘Yadana’ Gas Pipeline – case dropped by Belgian authorities.