American Chipmakers Had a Toxic Problem. Then They Outsourced It (Suppliers)

Companies in the semiconductor industry accussed of outsourcing chip manufacture using the highly toxic chemicals “ethylene glycol ethers”, or EGEs in South Korea after 1995, when such substances were banned in their domicile for causing diseases such as cancer, miscarriages, leukemia, infertility and others.


Apple faces pollution storm in China

Group of 36 Chinese environmental groups issue report, accusing electronics companies, especially Apple, of failing to address concerns over pollution and worker health issues in factories supplying its components.

Pulling the plug on dirty electronics

Greenpeace accuses major electronics companies for using unrecyclable and toxic materials in their products causing pollution and health hazards in poor Asian countries where electronics are discarded.


Child Worker Dies on iPhone 5C Production Line

Child worker (15 years old), among other sudden deaths of workers at Pegatron factory primarily making iPhone 5s and tablet PCs. Pegatron never carried out in-depth investigations into the causes of death after the incidents occurred.