The Myanmar Dilemma (factory 10)

Labor violations at garment factory (1,000 workers): non-living wages; daily base wage 2,000-3,600 kyat (€1.51 – €2.71); occasions of workers toiling for less than legal minimum wage; cases of child labor (below 18 years of age); some workers were younger than 15 years old when they started at the factory; workers have not received health and safety training; inadequate protective masks; workers breathing in fabric complain over respiratory problems, coughs and sore throats; electrical and wire shocks; boiler accidents resulting to injury; about half the workforce does not receive social security.

The Blind _ A report on methanol poisoning cases in supply chains for Samsung and LG Electronics in KOREA

Report exposes occupational hazard and other violations at factories manufacturing cell phone parts: use of toxic substance methanol; inadequate health and safety training on the dangers of methanol; personal protective equipment not provided which led to exposure to workers’ eyes, skin and respiratory system; at least 6 workers developed acute methanol poisoning; eye sight loss and brain damage; 12 hour daily shifts; in busy season take a day-off/month; temporary workers often not registered for social insurance.

The Myanmar Dilemma (factory 3)

Labor violations at garment factory (1,300 workers): non-living wages; daily base wage 2,700-3,600 kyat (€2.03 – €2.71); occasions of workers toiling for less than legal minimum wage; unpaid overtime if production target isn’t met; cases of child labor (16-18 years of age); workers working less than a year are not provided with social security; workers afraid to join a union.

Apple’s Unkept Promises: Investigation of Three Pegatron Group Factories Supplying to Apple (Avy)

Labor violations at factory (3,000 employees) manufacturing exterior computer parts: forced labor; ID’s withheld for 3-14 days preventing workers from leaving the factory; hiring discrimination over age groups (above 35 years old) and workers with tattoos; discrimination against pregnant women;  insufficient training procedure; 12 hour daily shifts (~136 hours monthly overtime); work 20- 31  days month; unpaid 14 hours of monthly overtime; mandatory overtime; base wage cannot meet basic needs ($240.95); workers rely on overtime; 80% of employees work while standing; factory disposes cutting solution to sewage system; chemical hazard; injuries; dispatch workers don’t recieve social insurance; worker harassement and scolding if quota isn’t met.

A Pegatron Worker Appeals to Boycott Apple’s Products

Worker accused electronics factory for ” blatant exploitation”: management got rid of food subsidies; the lowest wages paid were reduced to the bare minimum of 2,190 RMB; forced workers to pay the individual portion of social insurance.



Acer – CSR company overview (Shenzhen Yonghong)

Labor violations at electronics manufacturer: over 200 children workers hired under the age of 16; required to work 1.5 hours daily without pay; normal work 13 hours/day for 30 days (390 hours/month); more than 400 hours/month during peak seasons, 60 of those without pay; no gloves, masks and proper ergonomics in workplace; hand, eye and other bodily injuries.

An Investigation of Eight Samsung Factories in China (Chaarmtech)

Violations at factory (about 900 workers) producing cell phone casings and other parts: 120 hours or more mandatory overtime/month; work 28 days/month; 11 hour daily shifts; low base salary (1310 RMB – $206); workers dependent on overtime in order to make a living wage; workers must always stand while working.

iPad Mini-mizes Labour Rights

Gross and systematic labour abuses are found at iPad mini manufacturer, including excessive and unpaid overtime, abusive use of student labor, and hazardous working environments, according to NGO investigation.

COC: False Advertising of Disney (Champion Crown)

Use of child workers below 16 years of age; work 7 days/week during busy season (one day of rest/month); 12 hour daily work shifts (14,5 hours overall factory stay) at factory manufacturing plastic products.

COC: False Advertising of Disney (Hengtai)

Poor conditions in factory (over 2,000 employees) manufacturing plastic toys; use of child laborers (16 years old); 12 hour daily work shifts (14 hours overall factory stay); 6 days/week; inadequate safety precautions on workers exposed to hazardous substances; factory fired ~70 workers protesting over pay and workhours.