European prosecutors take over Belgian probe into Pfizergate

Top European prosecutors are investigating allegations of criminal wrongdoing such as “interference in public functions, destruction of SMS, corruption and conflict of interest” in connection with vaccine negotiations between European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the CEO of Pfizer.

TVs: the next testing scandal? | The Secret Costs of Manufacturers Exploiting Loopholes in the Government’s TV Energy Test: $1.2 Billion for Consumers & Millions of Tons of Pollution

Companies accused of misrepresenting energy efficiency of large-screen sets. TV’s performed far better during short government tests than they did the rest of the time. Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) and America’s Department of Energy (DoE) have conducted efficiency tests of their own that have turned up big inconsistencies.

Samsung leader Jay Y. Lee given five-year jail sentence for bribery | South Korea’s presidential scandal | Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Heir, Is Arrested on Bribery Charges

Head of South Korea’s Samsung Group, Jay Y. Lee, was sentenced to five years in jail for bribery, hiding assets abroad, embezzlement, concealing criminal proceeds and perjury. Lee was convicted over payments of 43bn won ($36.4m; £30.3m) made to South Korean’s former president’s confidante’s foundations, as well as for giving a horse and several million dollars to assist the equestrian career of her daughter, in anticipation of favours and government support over Samsung’s major merger restructuring.



American Chipmakers Had a Toxic Problem. Then They Outsourced It (Suppliers)

Companies in the semiconductor industry accussed of outsourcing chip manufacture using the highly toxic chemicals “ethylene glycol ethers”, or EGEs in South Korea after 1995, when such substances were banned in their domicile for causing diseases such as cancer, miscarriages, leukemia, infertility and others.


Corrupt Audits Damage Worker Rights

Two year investigation found incidents of overwhelming corruption including: extortion, accepting bribes, retaliatory audits, transportation requests, food services requests in 10 out of 19 audits conducted by BV.

Coal mine cable car plunges, killing 20

20 workers killed and 14 injured after elevator cable snaps. A notice of suspension had previously been issued to Qusheng Coalmine. A villager around the coalmine alleges that though the coalmine did not operate during the day, it still did secretly at night.

Samsung Lied About Hiring Discrimination in China

China Labor Watch releases hiring announcement found at Samsung factory that clearly demonstrates the illegal discrimination imbued in the hiring practices at Samsung factories in China, despite Samsung claims to the contrary.