Apple’s Unkept Promises: Investigation of Three Pegatron Group Factories Supplying to Apple (RiTeng)

Labor violations at factory producing exterior components for computers: hiring discrimination over gender and age (below 35 years old); inadequate training; work 7 days/week during peak season (126 hours of monthly overtime); 14 hour monthly unpaid overtime; 12 hour daily shifts; more if daily quota isn’t met; coerced overtime; work while standing for some workers; inadequate fire protection; 40 confirmed student workers (16 – 18 years old); base salary inadequate to cover basic needs ($233 month) ($1.34 per hour); workers dependent on overtime; workers trained by management during audit visits; wastewater poured into the sewage system.

Samsung’s sub-standard labour practices in India

Interviews underline labor concerns at Samsung facility (~2, 500 workers) manufacturing air-conditions and refrigerators: salaries not enough to meet monthly expenses and to provide for their families; monthly wages between Rs 6,200 – Rs 12,000 ($92 – $178); hiring of contract workers/apprentices for the same work, but lower pay; 10-11 hour daily shifts during high season, 6-7 days/week; cases of unpaid overtime wage; compulsory overtime; workers victimised, dismissed, or put under pressure to resign, if they attempt to unionise.

Branded Childhood (factory 2)

Labor concerns at garment factory (4,680 workers): non-living wages; monthly base wages between BDT 5,300 – BDT 14,084 (€ 61.90 – € 164.50); and work regularly over 60 hour/week; workers are forced to work overtime during urgent shipments; workers afraid of losing their job if they join a union.

Apple’s Unkept Promises: Investigation of Three Pegatron Group Factories Supplying to Apple (Avy)

Labor violations at factory (3,000 employees) manufacturing exterior computer parts: forced labor; ID’s withheld for 3-14 days preventing workers from leaving the factory; hiring discrimination over age groups (above 35 years old) and workers with tattoos; discrimination against pregnant women;  insufficient training procedure; 12 hour daily shifts (~136 hours monthly overtime); work 20- 31  days month; unpaid 14 hours of monthly overtime; mandatory overtime; base wage cannot meet basic needs ($240.95); workers rely on overtime; 80% of employees work while standing; factory disposes cutting solution to sewage system; chemical hazard; injuries; dispatch workers don’t recieve social insurance; worker harassement and scolding if quota isn’t met.

The Chaos in Global Supply Chain Exacerbates Terrible Working Conditions in China

Labor concerns at factory (about 3,500 workers) manufacturing parts of electronic products: the factory does not strictly adhere to the terms of the employment contract; 12-13.5 daily work shifts; some shifts last up to 15 hours; workers must go 3 months without a single day off; forced labor is present at the factory; monthly wage is 2000 RMB (308USD); workers are not given any fire safety training; some reported injuries.

The Dark World of Disney (Lam Sun)

Labor issues at toy factory: workers often work more than 60 hours/week; more than 90 overtime hours/month; age discrimination (bellow 40 years old); sex discrimination at assembly department; compulsory overtime; “wages are abysmally low” in injection, assembly and printing departments (8.7 RMB/hour or 1.3 USD/hour); often find foreign matters in their food, and leftovers will be resold in the next meal; workers are exposed to a variety of toxic chemicals without protective equipment.

The Dark World of Disney (Zhenyang)

Labor issues at toy factory: 12 hour daily shifts during peak season (May – October), 6 days/week; too low wages; base wage is insufficient to cover workers living costs; 8.7 RMB/hour (1.3 USD/hour); workers work with toxic chemicals; in assembly room no protection equipment was offered other than a work hat; during peak season, applications for sick leave hardly get approved; the training officer required all workers to check the “I’m willing to work overtime” option without asking them.

Beyond Foxconn:Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply Chain (TOYO)

Labor concerns at factory (~1,000 workers) producing metal cases for laptops: age discrimination upon hiring (16 – 35 years old); use of student labor (as low as 16); 12-13.5 hour daily shifts; workers can only take off one day per month during peak season (monthly overtime may exceed 200 hours); verbally abusive management; workers complain over ‘overwhelming’ chemical odor; workers need to work overtime to make ends meet; average monthly pay is 3,000-3,500 RMB (≈$476-555).