Whistleblower urges Boeing to ground all 787 Dreamliners after safety warning

Whistleblower has urged Boeing to ground every 787 Dreamliner jet worldwide after warning they are at risk of premature failure, alleging that the manufacturing giant took shortcuts to reduce production bottlenecks while making it. He also raised issues about the production of the 777, another wide-body jet.

TVs: the next testing scandal? | The Secret Costs of Manufacturers Exploiting Loopholes in the Government’s TV Energy Test: $1.2 Billion for Consumers & Millions of Tons of Pollution

Companies accused of misrepresenting energy efficiency of large-screen sets. TV’s performed far better during short government tests than they did the rest of the time. Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) and America’s Department of Energy (DoE) have conducted efficiency tests of their own that have turned up big inconsistencies.

Samsung Lied About Hiring Discrimination in China

China Labor Watch releases hiring announcement found at Samsung factory that clearly demonstrates the illegal discrimination imbued in the hiring practices at Samsung factories in China, despite Samsung claims to the contrary.