Shell opens its books on Nigeria

Transparency pressures force Shell to reveal high greenhouse gas levels in Nigeria – 15.5m, 22.5m and 22m tonnes in 2002, 2001 and 2000 respectively.

Another deadline goes up in flames

Shell still using gas flaring in the Niger Delta – strong greenhouse gas contributions, causing acid rain and ground water contamination.

Shell comes under fire for role in Sakhalin audit

US government releases emails of Shell officials downplaying the significance of Russian environmental audit of Shakhalin II energy project by persuading the Atomic Energy Authority to disperse the findings through the report to receive vital bank funding. The project’s environmental projection is dire; 1.6m tonnes of carbon dioxide; threat to endangered species and other wildlife.


Canadian protest over RBS oil sands role

RBS accused of investing £1.3 billion – following a £5.6 billion prior investment – in environmentally damaging oil project of tar sands in Canada, also devastating ancestral lands of First Nation tribes.