An Investigation of Eight Samsung Factories in China (TSMD)

Labor violations at SDI Mobile factory (3500 workers) producing mobile displays: workers reach up to 186 hours of overtime during peak season; overtime is forced; serious gender and age discrimination; insulting and beating up of workers; hiring workers under 18 years of age; some workers receive wages below the legal minimum.


An Investigation of Eight Samsung Factories in China (Intops)

Legal violations at factory (about 1200 workers) manufacturing cell phone casings: about 100 hours/month of overtime during low season; about 150 hours/month during peak season; low base wage (1310 RMB – $206); workers dependent on overtime in order to make a living wage; no protective masks for workers in contact with printing fumes; physical pat downs from security guards; verbal abuse.

A Case Study: Adidas And Yueyuen (Jiujiang)

Investigation report at factory producing balls and other sports equipment reveals: 10-11 daily work shifts; 6 days/week; mandated overtime during peak season (October-June); work at least 84 hours/week in peak season; reported injuries; incidents of guards beating employees.

Foxconn: The Work and Sweat of Youth Building an OEM Empire

Not acceptable labor conditions at 5 Foxconn factories: 10 hour standing shifts for most workers; majority works 270 hours on a monthly basis; low wages (from $0.66/hour to $1.00/hour); productions errors are treated with castigation, verbal rebuke and physical abuse.

Reports of Suicide in China Linked to Missing iPhone

25-year-old male Foxconn employee commits suicide after being interrogated about missing prototype for new iPhone. Some report that, shortly before his death, he had been detained and beaten by senior official in Foxconn security department.