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Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
27/08/2014JCY International
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Workers riot at JCY Int. factory, highlighting accusations of poor working conditions after the death of an employee.Johor MalaysiaReuters, Wall Street JournalDeaths, Negligence, Occupational Hazard
04/12/2011Hailiang Memory Equipment Company
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1,000 workers go on strike to protest loss of seniority, low wages ($228 for new workers), withhold of worker overtime salaries and other grievances.Shenzhen, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchNon-Living Wage, Unpaid Overtime
01/02/2007Western DigitalLabor violations at HDD factory (8,000 employees): wage discrimination over agency workers; discrimination over pregnant women; workers state wages are not enogh to cover living costs; 12 hour daily shifts; 7 days/week during peak season (10 months/year); compulsury overtime; industrial hygiene concerns.Navanakorn Industrial Estate, ThailandSOMODiscrimination, Excessive Work Hours, Forced Overtime, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard
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Labor concerns at factory (3,600 employees) assemblying flip-chips for disk drivers: work 10,5 hours/day, 6 days/week; 7 days/week during peak season (3 months); forced overtime; intensive production rythms; workers are subject to degrading treatment.Ayutthaya, ThailandSOMOAbusive Management, Excessive Work Hours, Forced Overtime
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Labor concerns at flip chip assembly factory (350 employees): management discourages formation of unions; 11.5 hours in total each day, 5-6 days/week (57.5-80.5 hours/week); 7 days/week during peak production (January-June); abusive management; no sufficient protective equipment.ThailandSOMOAbusive Management, Excessive Work Hours, Occupational Hazard, Union Repression