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Labor violations at 2 garment factory (1,800 workers): non-living wages; monthly base wages between BDT 5,300 - BDT 14,084 (€ 61.90 - € 164.50); and work regularly over 60 hour/week; occasions of 78 hour workweeks (5 hours of daily overtime) during urgent shipments.Ashulia, Dhaka, BangladeshSOMOExcessive Work Hours, Non-Living Wage
10/09/2014Designer Jeans
(Supplier Of VF Corporation)
1900 workers are deprived of legally unionizing. Two union leaders imprisoned.BangladeshInstitute for Global Labour and Human RightsUnion Repression
03/10/2013Next Collections Ltd.
(Supplier Of VF Corporation)
Excessive work hours at factory (4.500 workers) producing garments; many employees routinely work more than 100 hours/week; regularly work may last until 5 a.m to meet production targets.Dhaka, Dhaka Division, BangladeshThe Wall Street JournalAbusive Management, Excessive Work Hours, Inspection Fraud, Non-Living Wage, Union Repression