Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
19/01/2016TOTALOil Companies benefit from excessively generous tax breaks, including 12-year tax holidays. Estimated tax loss for Nigeria is US$ 3.3 billion.NigeriaSOMO, Action AidTax Avoidance
19/04/2011The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
(Project carried out by TOTAL)
RBS accused of investing £1.3 billion - following a £5.6 billion prior investment - in environmentally damaging oil project of tar sands in Canada, also devastating ancestral lands of First Nation tribes.  Alberta, CanadaThe Guardian, Financial TimesClimate Change, Negligence, Pollution

Documents reveal serious spills of oil and gas occurring at the rate of one a week from 5 oil companies operating in the North Sea.North SeaThe GuardianPollution
16/12/2008TOTALManaging director of Italian division of Total, along with ten other executives, arrested by Public Prosecutor’s Office for corruption charge of €15 million to undertake the oilfield in Basilicata on contract.Potenza, ItalyFinancial TimesBribing & Corruption
Massive explosion at oil depot measuring 2.4 on the Richter scale injures 43 people, destroys homes and businesses and with yet unknown environmental damage that could last for decades. Firms involved fined almost 10£ million.Buncefield Terminal, Hemel Hempstead, United KingdomBBCInjuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard, Pollution
TOTAL$60 million in bribes to induce an Iranian government official to help the company obtain lucrative development rights in three oil and gas fields - $398 million settlement.IranReutersBribing & Corruption, Market Fraud & Antitrust
17/06/2003TOTALOil companies punished for 7 of 4,123 oil spills through 2000 - 2011, with no company having to pay more than £20,000. Total leaked ~6 tn of diesel during tank transfer- £20,000 fine.North SeaThe GuardianPollution
TOTALTotal fined by Paris court of appeals for bribing of Iraqi officials during former president Saddam Hussein's regime to secure oil supplies - 750,000 euros.IraqFinancial Times, BloombergBribing & Corruption, Oppressive Regimes
TOTALAccusations of complicity in crimes against humanity, such as torture and forced labour, committed by Myanmar military junta during construction and operation of 'Yadana' Gas Pipeline - case dropped by Belgian authorities.Andaman Sea, MyanmarBusiness & Human Rights Resource CenterForced Labor, Oppressive Regimes, Torture
12/12/1999TOTAL'Erika' oil tanker, managed by Total, sinks; 30,000 barrels of heavy fuel oil dumped into Atlantic sea; considered one of biggest environmental disasters in France; immense damages to local fishing industry; Total charged with negligence - 200m euros in damages + 375,000 euros fine.Britanny coast, FranceBBCNegligence, Pollution