The Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
19/04/2011The Royal Bank of Scotland GroupRBS accused of investing £1.3 billion - following a £5.6 billion prior investment - in environmentally damaging oil project of tar sands in Canada, also devastating ancestral lands of First Nation tribes.  Alberta, CanadaThe Guardian, Financial TimesClimate Change, Negligence, Pollution
16/11/2009The Royal Bank of Scotland GroupRBS lending to environmentally damaging project of tar sands which pollutes Canadian aboriginals' land sparks protest.Western CanadaFinancial TimesPollution
(Project funded by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group)
Cree aboriginals protest over tar sand project - destroying ancient boreal forest; spreading open-pit mining across local tribes' territories; contaminating their food and water with toxins; producing heavy CO2 emissions; disrupting local wildlife and threatening their way of life.Alberta, CanadaThe GuardianClimate Change, Habitat Extinction, Pollution
12/03/2007The Royal Bank of Scotland GroupRBS criticized by environmental groups over financing heavily on carbon emitting oil & gas projects furthering climate change.PLATFORM, Bank rack, Friends of the Earth, nef, people & planet Climate Change