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22/11/2016Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)King of Ogale community in the oil-rich Niger delta, representing 40,000 Nigerians, sues Shell in London court alleging decades of oil spills have polluted land, water and destroyed the livelihoods of his people.Niger Delta, NigeriaAl Jazeera, The GuardianPollution
12/05/2016Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Around 2,000 barrels worth of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico, near Shell's Brutus platformPort Fourchon, LA, United StatesThe GuardianPollution
01/03/2016Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Two new legal cases launched against the oil giant Shell over damage caused to the environment in Nigeria from repeated large scale oil spills.  Ogoni, Rivers, NigeriaLeigh DayNegligence, Pollution
19/01/2016Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Oil Companies benefit from excessively generous tax breaks, including 12-year tax holidays. Estimated tax loss for Nigeria is US$ 3.3 billion.    NigeriaSOMO, Action AidTax Avoidance
03/11/2015Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Multiple contaminated sites from oil spills, some dating back 45 years, have not been properly restored. Spills contaminate drinking water and expose people to serious health risks.  Ogoni, Rivers, NigeriaAmnesty International, CEHRDPollution
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16 companies ordered to clean up contaminated soil from pesticides and heavy metals at Superfund site operating from early 1930's until mid 1980's - cleanup costs $14.3 million & $945,000 past costs and future oversight.Hagerstown, MD, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Leaked 330 page documents know as "Deception Dossiers" show that major oil companies were aware of climate change  linked to their products for decades, and used deceptive tactics to reverse the information and block public policy. "These include forged letters to Congress, secret funding of a supposedly independent scientist, the creation of fake grassroots organizations, multiple efforts to deliberately manufacture uncertainty about climate science."  Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate Change, Fraud
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Oil companies fined for Clean Air Act violations. Civil penalty - $900,000.Texas, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Pollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell reported 204 Niger Delta oil spills in 2014.Niger Delta, Rivers, NigeriaAmnesty InternationalNegligence, Pollution
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Shell & Motiva ordered to compensate 2,677 employees for unpaid overtime back wages in 8 facilities - $4,470,764.United StatesUS Department of LaborUnpaid Overtime
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Three Years after UN Environmental Program's assessment of fifty years' oil pollution in Ogoniland, Shell has not progressed in cleaning the oil contaminated land and drinking water.Ogoni, Rivers, NigeriaAmnesty International, CEHRD, Friends of the EarthPollution
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Residents of Villa Inflamble filed a lawsuit against the 'Argentinian Government, Government of the city of Buenos Aires, and 44 businesses for damages to their health suffered as a result of the pollution of Matanza-Riachuelo River.'Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBusiness & Human Rights Resource CenterInjuries & Diseases, Pollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Report claims Shell uses Swiss corporate structure and tax planning to avoid paying taxes in developing countries.SwitzerlandSOMOTax Avoidance
07/04/2014Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Documents suggest UK  government intervened to support Shell and Rio Tinto in two high-profile US human rights court cases, following requests from the companies.UKAmnesty InternationalLobbying
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)New documents reveal Shell lobbied to undermine EU renewables targets.EuropeThe GuardianClimate Change, Lobbying
01/11/2013Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell accused of not adequately assessing and providing false information regarding oil spills in Nigeria.Ogoni, Rivers, NigeriaAmnesty International, CEHRDFraud, Pollution
05/09/2013Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Numerous air permit violations were documented on Shell arctic ship fleets exploring and drilling for gas and oil. Settlements - $1.1 million.Alaska, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
10/07/2013Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell fined for Clean Air Act violations at large refinery and chemical plant; excess emissions of VOCs and HAPs. Civil penalty - $2.6million.Deer Park, Texas, USAUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
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Oil companies accused of receiving tax breaks, subsidized loans, and external political and military support by the UK government.United KingdomPlatformLobbying, Tax Avoidance
23/09/2012Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)After four year delay, Shell still has not cleaned up pollution caused by its two massive oil spills in two populated areas.Bodo & Gokana, NigeriaThe GuardianNegligence, Pollution
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Energy Companies failure to disclose wells obscures fracking environmental hazards.United StatesBloombergPollution
23/04/2012Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Amnesty International exposes Shell's inaccurate reporting of massive 72-day Niger Delta oil spill.Niger DeltaAmnesty International, CEHRDFraud, Pollution
20/12/2011Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell faces fine over estimated 40,000 barrel oil spill polluting 950 square km of water surface-$5 billion.Bonga, NigeriaReuters, RTPollution
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Man who grew up near oil refinery files lawsuit to oil companies alleging that he developed leukemia from benzene exposure caused by repeated toxic releases.Roxanna, Illinois, USAbout LawsuitsInjuries & Diseases
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San Francisco Judge orders oil companies to clean up fuel additive MTBE contamination caused by leaking storage tanks.CA, United StatesSFGATEPollution
04/08/2011Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Two-year UN environmental study finds massive environmental disaster in Nigeria related to oil industry dating back 50 years; extensive pollution of soil and groundwater contaminating community wells; severe damage to vegetation; wetlands and creeks are coated with floating oil destroying the fish habitat; and air polluted with benzene detected in all air samples. 'Community members at Ogale are drinking water from wells that is contaminated with benzene, a known carcinogen, at levels over 900 times above the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline.'Ogoni, NigeriaUnited Nations Environmental ProgrammeInjuries & Diseases, Pollution
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Residents of an Illinois town file toxic tort lawsuit against oil companies for groundwater contamination.Roxana, Illinois, United StatesAbout LawsuitsPollution
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Raízen's supplier, who's land belongs to native tribe, issued death threat to political rival.BrazilSurvival InternationalDeath Threats, Land Appropriation
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Field study accuses Shell of fueling death and violence in Nigeria by paying rival militant gangs.NigeriaPlatformBeatings & Violence, Deaths

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Documents reveal serious spills of oil and gas occurring at the rate of one a week from 5 oil companies operating in the North Sea.North SeaThe GuardianPollution
08/12/2010Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Wikileaks US diplomatic cables: Shell claims to have inserted staff in all main ministries in Nigeria knowing "everything that was being done," and swapping intelligence with the US.NigeriaThe GuardianBribing & Corruption, Lobbying
04/11/2010Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell subsidiary (SNEPCO) charged on paying approximately $2 million to its subcontractors with the knowledge that some or all of the money would be paid as bribes to Nigerian customs officials by a freight forwarding company to import materials and equipment into Nigeria. Criminal penalty - $30 million.  NigeriaUS Department of JusticeBribing & Corruption
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Land belonging to Guarani Indian tribe grabbed for companies' biofuel production venture, say Brazilian authorities.BrazilSurvival InternationalLand Appropriation
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Twenty-six parties ordered to cleanup contaminated soil from yearlong (1961 - 1980) disposal of hazardous substances. Costs - $2.2 million.Coventry, RI, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
30/05/2010Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)40-year old corroded pipeline leaks oil for several months, polluting forests, farmland, fishponds and drinking water.NigeriaThe GuardianPollution
26/04/2010Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell establishes new gas flare facility generating up to 50 million tons of CO2 and quantities of far more damaging methane, polluting the atmosphere and soil with toxins, and seeding the clouds with acid rain.Bayelsa, NigeriaIndependentClimate Change, Injuries & Diseases
31/03/2010Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Violations of Clean Air Act; excess emissions of NOx, VOCs, benzene and SO2. Civil penalty - $3.5 million.Alabama & Louisiana, USUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
16/02/2010Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Frequent oil spills, poorly executed clean-ups and gas flaring cause severe pollution of air, water and land, as well as disastrous impacts on health and livelihoods of locals, study shows.Niger Delta, NigeriaEcumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility Pollution
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Allegations of criminal acceptance of bribes by Intertek auditor in exchange for overlooking fraud at the Hang Fat toy factory's salary and working hours records. The auditor asked the factory to pay a bribe in order to allow the factory pass the audit. The factory paid the required bribe.Shenzhen, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor Watch, (2)Bribing & Corruption, Inspection Fraud, Non-Living Wage
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Companies ordered to clean landfill from yearlong (1920 - 1967) waste disposal, so as to protect groundwater. Five companies will pay - future oversight costs $500,000 & damages $3.287 million.Southington, CT, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
05/10/2009Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell Guam failed to submit required toxic chemical reports in 2007 - $7,950.GuamUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud
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Cree aboriginals protest over tar sand project - destroying ancient boreal forest; spreading open-pit mining across local tribes' territories; contaminating their food and water with toxins; producing heavy CO2 emissions; disrupting local wildlife and threatening their way of life.Alberta, CanadaThe GuardianClimate Change, Habitat Extinction, Pollution
13/07/2009Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)EPA orders Shell's facility to clean up releases of hazardous waste (petroleum, benzene, toluene, and other petroleum constituents and additives) polluting groundwater and nearby wetlands.Piti, GuamUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
30/06/2009Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Few, if any, adequate protective measures have been taken by Shell resulting to environmental pollution, and in several cases devastating consequences for human rights says Amnesty; not properly maintained pipelines; release of waste in the environment; failure to remediate and clean-up oil contaminated land and water; devastating consequences for human rights.Niger Delta, NigeriaAmnesty International, (2)Injuries & Diseases, Pollution
29/06/2009Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell accused of lobbying in Brussels against improvements on EU’s Emission Trading System, and threatened to move refineries out of Europe, if made to pay for emissions. Internal documents also reveal Shell's knowledge of the environmental severity of gas flaring practices, but chose not to stop their use.European UnionFriends of the Earth, Oil Change International, PLATFORM Lobbying, Pollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Petrochemical facility unlawfully discharged pollutants for 14 days, and did not properly operate and maintain a diffuse pipeline for 105 days. Penalty - $153,057Puerto RicoUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell ordered (in January 2015) to compensate 15,600 Nigerian fishermen for losses suffered to their health, livelihoods and land caused by two massive oil spills in 2008 and 2009 - £55 million.    Bodo, NigeriaLeigh Day, BBCPollution
12/01/2009Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Petrochemical facility fined  for excess discharge of pollutants into Santiago Creek and Caribbean Sea at unpermitted locations, failure to report discharge data, and lacking adequate operation and maintenance of a discharge pipe. Penalty -  $1,025,000.Puerto RicoUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Pollution
12/01/2009Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell's gas flaring practices have not stopped, even past the 2008 December deadline posed by the Nigerian government, NGO says.NigeriaFriends of the EarthNegligence, Pollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)'Toxics Release Inventory' suggests toxic chemicals released into the environment in 2007 and 2008 from Shell YABUCCOA facility, were 126,837 and 116,060 pounds respectively.Puerto RicoUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
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Companies fined for Clean Air Act violations at natural gas processing facility; excess SO2 emissions; no installation of SO2 reduction controls. Civil penalty - $500,000.Manistee, MI, USAUS Environmental Protection Agency, (2)Pollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Settled lawsuit over leak of environmentally hazardous gasoline additive MTBE, found throughout water systems; plaintiffs maintain the oil industry knew about environmental dangers yet rejected alternatives because of cost - $422 million.United StatesThe New York TimesPollution
05/09/2008Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Nigeria Union Journalists (NUJ) demanded a written apology from Shell over alleged role in arrest and detention of about 15 journalists.Delta State, NigeriaallAfricaBeatings & Violence
31/08/2008Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)US government releases emails of Shell officials downplaying the significance of Russian environmental audit of Shakhalin II energy project by persuading the Atomic Energy Authority to disperse the findings through the report to receive vital bank funding. The project's environmental projection is dire; 1.6m tonnes of carbon dioxide; threat to endangered species and other wildlife.  The GuardianClimate Change, Habitat Extinction, Lobbying, Pollution
15/05/2008Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell faces lawsuit from fishermen and farmers in the Niger Delta of Nigeria after contamination to fishponds and farmlands by oil spills.Niger Delta, Rivers, NigeriaENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS ACTIONPollution
03/04/2008Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell still using gas flaring in the Niger Delta - strong greenhouse gas contributions, causing acid rain and ground water contamination.Niger Delta, NigeriaThe EconomistClimate Change, Pollution
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Oil spill and poor clean-up practices by locals cause environmental hazard on soil and water.Niger Delta, NigeriaIRIN NewsPollution
07/01/2008Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Settlement agreed over Clean Air Act violation - $5.8 million.Deer Park, Texas, United StatesReuters, (2)Pollution
07/09/2007Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Argentine government orders refinery shut down over lack of proper environmental permits and impact studies; pollution in soil samples, insufficient waste handling procedures; water from the nearby River Plate taken without permit.Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBBCPollution
20/06/2007Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Multiple oil spills related to oil companies in a 10 meter distance from people's homes left uncleaned for over 7 months.Biseni, NigeriaEnvironmental Rights ActionPollution
(Co-owned by Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Use and distribution of new chemical in commercial auto products for several years before the chemical had undergone a required review. Civil penalty - $950,000.Linden, NJ, United StatesUS Environmental Protection Agency, (2)Fraud, Negligence
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
EPA orders companies to cleanup  wastes - including benzene, naphthalene, ethylbenzene - contaminating the surrounding soil and groundwater of Superfund site - Shell $398,821.91 & GSA $809,729.34Del Amo, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Violations of the Clean Air Act from 1999 through 2004; companies produced and distributed noncomplying fuel to motor vehicles threatening public health. Civil penalties for  - Shell $600,000 & BP $900,000.United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell fined for selling and distributing unregistered pesticide - $26,000.Las Vegas, NV, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Negligence
Motiva Enterprises
(Co-owned by Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Vapor storage tanks - controlling gasoline vapors - improperly maintained and leaking VOC-containing vapors. Fine - $75,000.Bridgeport, CT, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyNegligence, Pollution
27/06/2006Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Inspection finds two Shell facilities lacking proper spill buckets. Penalty - $1,200.GuamUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
12/04/2006Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Court in Lagos orders Shell to stop gas flaring practices.NigeriaThe GuardianClimate Change, Pollution
25/02/2006Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell ordered to pay damages for pollution; degradation of creeks; spoiling of crops and fishing - $1.5 billion.Bayelsa, NigeriaThe GuardianNegligence, Pollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Toxics Release Inventory counted 872 thousand pounds toxic waste released on environment by Martinez refinery in 2005.Contra Costa County, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
24/12/2005Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Gas flaring continues, despite Nigerian Federal Court orders to halt.NigeriaBBCClimate Change, Pollution
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Massive explosion at oil depot measuring 2.4 on the Richter scale injures 43 people, destroys homes and businesses and with yet unknown environmental damage that could last for decades. Firms involved fined almost 10£ million.Buncefield Terminal, Hemel Hempstead, United KingdomBBCInjuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard, Pollution
25/11/2005Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Impact assessment report suggests Shell downplayed environmental risks of Shakhalin II project, including possibility of Grey Whale extinction and destruction of salmon spawning areas.Sakhalin, RussiaWWF, The GuardianHabitat Extinction, Lobbying, Pollution
19/09/2005Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell fined for failure to dispose led-containing hazardous waste - $6,680.Marietta, PA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
29/06/2005Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell ordered by Dutch Court to pay damages for oil spillages in farmlands and fishponds.Oruma, NigeriaBusiness & Human Rights Resource CenterPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Service stations operating in 1990s released large amounts of gasoline containing MTBE - potential carcinogen - nearby water wells, significantly contributing to Charnock Sub-basin drinking water problem. Replacing Santa Monica drinking water $3 million/year & $1.5 million investigation costs & cleanup costs over $200 million.Santa Monica, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection Agency, (2)Negligence, Pollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
300 Russian Islanders protest against oil companies for depletion of fish stocks, and destroyed forests and pastures allegedly caused by Sakhalin platform.Sakhalin, RussiaPlanet Ark - ReutersPollution
(Co-owned by Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Toxic gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides and benzene coming from refineries poisons air, and cause high incidence of cancer and respiratory ailments among residents, NGO says.Dourban South AfricaBBCInjuries & Diseases, Negligence, Pollution
10/11/2004Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Oil companies punished for 7 of 4,123 oil spills through 2000 - 2011, with no company having to pay more than £20,000. Shell leaked ~7.33 tn of oil-based mud during bunkering operations - £3,000 fine.North SeaThe GuardianPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Amnesty documents clean-up failures after oil spills, threats of violence and incidents of violent assaults on local community relating to oil companies.Niger Delta, NigeriaAmnesty InternationalBeatings & Violence, Death Threats, Pollution
09/11/2004Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Governor urges clean up of over 250 oil spills across the state traced to Shell.Rivers State, NigeriaallAfricaPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Thousands Banana workers file lawsuit in LA against chemical and fresh produce companies over pesticide use in 1980s causing sterility, testicular atrophy, miscarriages, birth defects, liver damage, and cancer when inhaled or absorbed by the skin.Costa RicaENN - ReutersInjuries & Diseases
13/09/2004Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell stationed paramilitary police (nicknamed "kill and go") to deal with community violent conflict, over clean-up dispute.Ogoni, NigeriaFinancial TimesBeatings & Violence, Pollution
03/08/2004Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Community demands compensation (N200 million) for alleged dump of drilling chemicals and toxic wastes.Bayelsa, NigeriaThis Day - allAfricaPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Companies failed to review and update risk management plans for storage of hazardous chemicals - $2,000.GuamUS Environmental Protection AgencyNegligence, Occupational Hazard
11/06/2004Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell admitted it fed community conflict, poverty and corruption through its oil activities.NigeriaBBCBeatings & Violence, Bribing & Corruption
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell executives knowingly overstated the company's oil and gas reserves as far back as 2001, Shell admits. Three top Shell execs quit.BBCMarket Fraud & Antitrust
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Toxics Release Inventory counted 881 thousand pounds toxic waste released on environment by Martinez refinery in 2003.Contra Costa, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
11/09/2003Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)2 workers dead in massive gas escape on Brent Bravo platform. Shell admitted breaching three health and safety regulations - £900.000.North SeaBBCDeaths, Negligence, Occupational Hazard
27/05/2003Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Oil spill contaminating well water in 1990s related to Shell, whistleblower says.New Mexico, United StatesThe TimesPollution
13/05/2003Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Oil companies punished for 7 of 4,123 oil spills through 2000 - 2011, with no company having to pay more than £20,000. Shell leaked ~7.5 tn of diesel during bunkering operations - £7,000 fine.North SeaThe GuardianPollution
11/03/2003Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Communities protest over torment and harassment by soldiers guarding Shell facilities.NigeriaVanguard, GPFBeatings & Violence
20/02/2003Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Explosion at abandoned oil well causes major oil spill polluting farmlands and creeks .Ogoni, NigeriaIRINPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Companies that produced and used DBCP pesticide in banana plantations - allegedly causing sterility and other health defects - ordered to pay damages to 450 workers - $489.4 million.Managua, NicaraguaThe New York TimesInjuries & Diseases
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Transparency pressures force Shell to reveal high greenhouse gas levels in Nigeria - 15.5m, 22.5m and 22m tonnes in 2002, 2001 and 2000 respectively.NigeriaThe GuardianClimate Change, Pollution
21/11/2002Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)33,000 barrels of crude oil spilled in river estuary - poisoning animals and vegetation - from Shell boat collision with other vessel. 500 city residents and mayor file lawsuit over insufficient clean up.Magdalena, ArgentinaPlanetark, ReutersPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Locals blame oil companies over violent encounter with security agents; 800 protesters injured; 15 women missing.Warri, NigeriaVanguard, allAfricaAbduction & Kidnap, Beatings & Violence, Injuries & Diseases
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Companies found liable for dumping fuel additive MTBE in Tahoe lake. Shell & Lyondell also withheld information over its defects. Settlement - $33 million.San Francisco, CA, United StatesPlanetark, ReutersFraud, Pollution

(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
BASF and Shell to pay compensation for health treatment to 1,068 former workers after prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals at pesticide plant. Labor prosecutors say chemical contamination killed 60 workers - $316 million.  São Paulo - State of São Paulo, BrazilReutersDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Negligence
Equilon Enterprises
(Part Of Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Failure to accurately report chemical releases (cyclohexane and MTBE) used at facility - $16,500.Bakersfield, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud
12/11/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Unacceptable levels of at least one metal or pesticide were found in 156 out of an 181 resident sample's bloodstream living near Shell factory caused by over 20 year pesticide exposure; 88 suffer chronic contamination; 59 suffered from thyroid or liver tumors - says state's health watchdog.São Paulo, BrazilPlanetark, ReutersInjuries & Diseases, Negligence
09/11/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)At least 3 dead, 17 injured from oil pipeline fire.NigeriaPlanetark, ReutersDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Pollution
01/11/2001Frontier El Dorado Refining LLC
(Co-owned by Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Investigation suggests hazardous wastes or constituents released from oil refinery may have contaminated groundwater, surface water and soil.Kansas City, MO, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Pesticide manufacturers have abandoned a stockpile of highly toxic obsolete pesticides threatening  health of residents and livestock, soil, and local water supplies - most dangerous of which originate from Bayer.Kathmandu, Nepal GreenpeacePollution
13/08/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Youth shot dead during clashes between community members and Shell security.Bayelsa, NigeriaallAfrica, This DayBeatings & Violence, Deaths, Killings
17/07/2001Motiva Enterprises
(Co-owned by Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Leaking and corroded tank -unfit for use - explodes;  one worker killed, many others injured; approximately 99,000 gallons of spent sulfuric acid spilled into Delaware river for days; thousands of dead fish and crabs; sulfuric acid released into the air. Criminal fines - $10 million.Delaware City, DE, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Negligence, Pollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Companies fined for Clean Air Act violations at petroleum terminal loading rack; excess VOC emissions (22.5 tn). Civil penalty - $390,155.Bridgeport, CT, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
07/07/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Major oil spill caused by ruptured pipe in Ogbodu village.Niger Delta, NigeriaallAfrica, IRINPollution
08/05/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Oil well blow out and resulting oil and gas flood disrupts community.Ogoni, NigeriaallAfricaPollution
03/05/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Oil spill in Ogoniland - Shell says 14 of its abandoned oil wells in Nigeria could abruptly blow up.Ogoni, NigeriaBBCNegligence, Pollution
03/05/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)MOSOP reports oil and gas blow-out at Shell's well in Ogoniland.Ogoni, NigeriaallAfricaPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
3 petroleum refiners controlling 9 refineries ordered to reduce illegal harmful air pollution - NO & SO2 - by over 60,000 tons/year & also fined for alleged hazardous waste and toxics violations - civil penalties $9.5 million & environmental projects for pollution affected communities $5.5 million & installing pollution-control equipment ~$400 million.Delaware, Louisiana, Texas, California, Washington - USUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Motiva Enterprises
(Co-owned by Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Companies cited for storing leaking or open containers of hazardous refinery waste - $94,596.Delaware City, DE, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Group of 39 companies deemed responsible for disposing hazardous waste at Superfund site; 18,500 cubic yards of soil contaminated by VOCs, PCBs and lead. Cleanup settlement - $23 million.Piscataway, NJ, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Shell receives Clean Air Act violation notice for loading a total of 28.4 million gallons of gasoline onto barges without required vapor recovery equipment for seven days in 1997. This loading resulted in about 56 tons of uncontrolled VOCs emissions.New England, CT, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Ill-maintained pipeline ruptures and releases over 230,000 gallons of gasoline and ignites - 3 people killed, including two ten-year-old boys; over 9 injured; home destroyed; resulting fire killed over 100,000 fish and other aquatic organisms; massive environmental damage on creeks and soil. Civil and criminal penalties on Shell and Olympic - $92 million.Bellingham, WA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Negligence, Pollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)EPA cites hundreds of environmental violations at Shell's Wood River oil refinery located on the banks of the national heritage Mississippi River; excess levels of SO2 & SO air emissions, benzene; 'violations of solid waste labeling, reporting, and manifesting requirements, untimely reporting of emissions of extremely hazardous substances such as ammonia and chlorine'. Civil penalties - $1.5 million + $10 million in environmental projects.Roxanna, MO, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Negligence, Pollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
26, 000 banana workers compensated by chemical companies over sterility and other health defects caused by  DBCP use in 1970s - $41 million.Central America, Africa, Philipinnes,Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, BANANAS!Injuries & Diseases
18/07/1997Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell service station's underground storage tanks affecting water supply wells. Penalty - $30,000.Ridgewood, NJ, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyNegligence, Pollution
22/06/1997Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Check valve failure causes explosion and fire in facility from flammable gas release; several workers injured; closure of transportation routes; property damages. Check valves were deemed inappropriate for use. Penalty - $350,000.Deer Park, TX, United StatesUS Environmental Protection Agency, (2)Pollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Four companies fined for violations underground fuel storage tank regulations including: inadequate inventory control, failure to conduct manual tank gauging, and failure to report and confirm suspected releases - $2,150.Arizona, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyNegligence, Pollution
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Fifteen businesses ordered to clean up DDT-contaminated sediment from superfund site. Contamination occurred from 1947 to 1966. Costs - $10 million.Richmond, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Released documents show Shell paid Nigerian military to stop protest movements over its pollution. Protests were violently suppressed, with reported life losses.Ogoni, Rivers, NigeriaThe GuardianBeatings & Violence, Deaths, Killings
10/11/1995Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell charged  with complicity in human rights abuses against the Ogoni people of Nigeria. Abuses include: "summary execution, crimes against humanity, torture, inhumane treatment, arbitrary arrest, wrongful death, and assault and battery." Case settled for $15.5 million.Ogoni, Rivers, NigeriaCenter for Constitutional Rights, The GuardianAssault and Battery, Deaths, Killings, Summary Executions, Torture
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Confidential internal documents reveal that Shell provided logistical support to Nigerian police and military, aided security sweeps, and enlisted the assistance of Nigeria's brutal military government to deal with protesters fueling death and violence.Ogoni, Rivers, NigeriaIndependentBeatings & Violence, Deaths, Injuries & Diseases, Lobbying, Oppressive Regimes

(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
49 private and public entities sent millions of pounds of hazardous waste in Casmalia disposal facility causing 'longstanding environmental problems'. Cleanup costs - over $100 million.Santa Maria, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution

(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Former Latin American banana laborers in companies such as Chiquita and Dole face sterilization and other health side-effects caused by exposure to pesticide DBCP produced by Shell and Dow.Latin AmericaIndependentInjuries & Diseases

(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
~21 million gallons of waste oil disposed in lagoons and waste pits; VOCs, PCBs and lead. Periodic flooding resulted in wastes entering the Schuylkill River. 22 parties ordered cleanup - $14 to $18 million & past costs $13.85 million & future oversight $1.1 million.Berks County, PA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
01/01/1983Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Supreme Court orders Shell to pay to four communities in Delta - N30 million.Delta State, NigeriaVanguardPollution

(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Synthetic rubber manufacturing plant responsible for soil and groundwater contamination; VOCs, PAHs, pesticides, PCBs and heavy metals. Cleanup costs for Shell and GSA - $55 million.Del Amo, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
01/01/1970Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Shell ordered by Nigerian High court to pay for oil spill - N15.4 billion.Rivers State, NigeriaVanguardPollution