Motiva Enterprises

Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
20/01/2015Motiva EnterprisesMotiva and others fined for Clean Air Act violations. Civil penalty - $900,000.Texas, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Pollution
(Motiva Enterprises)
Shell & Motiva ordered to compensate 2,677 employees for unpaid overtime back wages in 8 facilities - $4,470,764.United StatesUS Department of LaborUnpaid Overtime
(Motiva Enterprises)
Violations of the Clean Air Act from 1999 through 2004; companies produced and distributed noncomplying fuel to motor vehicles threatening public health. Civil penalties for  - Shell $600,000 & BP $900,000.United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Motiva EnterprisesVapor storage tanks - controlling gasoline vapors - improperly maintained and leaking VOC-containing vapors. Fine - $75,000.Bridgeport, CT, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyNegligence, Pollution
17/07/2001Motiva EnterprisesLeaking and corroded tank -unfit for use - explodes;  one worker killed, many others injured; approximately 99,000 gallons of spent sulfuric acid spilled into Delaware river for days; thousands of dead fish and crabs; sulfuric acid released into the air. Criminal fines - $10 million.Delaware City, DE, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Negligence, Pollution
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Companies fined for Clean Air Act violations at petroleum terminal loading rack; excess VOC emissions (22.5 tn). Civil penalty - $390,155.Bridgeport, CT, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Motiva Enterprises)
3 petroleum refiners controlling 9 refineries ordered to reduce illegal harmful air pollution - NO & SO2 - by over 60,000 tons/year & also fined for alleged hazardous waste and toxics violations - civil penalties $9.5 million & environmental projects for pollution affected communities $5.5 million & installing pollution-control equipment ~$400 million.Delaware, Louisiana, Texas, California, Washington - USUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Motiva EnterprisesCompanies cited for storing leaking or open containers of hazardous refinery waste - $94,596.Delaware City, DE, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Motiva Enterprises)
Shell receives Clean Air Act violation notice for loading a total of 28.4 million gallons of gasoline onto barges without required vapor recovery equipment for seven days in 1997. This loading resulted in about 56 tons of uncontrolled VOCs emissions.New England, CT, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution