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Lotte Rubæk, a leading psychologist advising Meta on suicide prevention and self-harm quits her role, accusing the tech giant of failure to remove images of self-harm from its platforms, following outcry that the company is using harmful content to keep vulnerable young people hooked to their screens, also“triggering” vulnerable young women and girls to further harm themselves and contributing to rising suicide figures.The GuardianAddiction, Consumer Deception, Mental Health
The attorneys general of dozens of US states are suing Instagram and its parent company Meta over their impact on young users, accusing them of contributing to a youth mental health crisis through the addictive nature of their social media platforms.USAThe GuardianAddiction, Mental Health
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Instagram is breaking its promise to remove posts that glorify self-harm and suicide. Simple keyword searches on the platform last week showed that many such images remain live.

The GuardianAddiction, Mental Health
Inquest into death of 14-year-old Molly Russell in November 2017 who killed herself after viewing harmful content online begins after multiple delays.North west London, Byron Road, Harrow, UKThe Guardian, BBCDeaths, Mental Health, Suicides