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04/02/2016Linkfair (Xianfeng Stainless Steel Manufactured Products)
(Supplier Of Lagostina)
Fingers crushed and other hand injuries occur in Linkfair factory where workers toil with limited occupational safety. "During high  season, workers will have a shift every day of the month without rest, including daily overtime (accumulating between 124 - 154 hours/month, between three and four times the Chinese legal  maximum). "When the factory is unable to pay insurance, management will give workers 100 RMB ($16) to lie to government inspectors."Xinxing, Yunfu, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchDiscrimination, Excessive Work Hours, Injuries & Diseases, Inspection Fraud, Occupational Hazard, Union Repression, Unpaid Insurance, Unpaid Overtime, Unpaid Wages