Hudson’s Bay Company

Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
09/10/2013Aswad Composite Mills
(Supplier Of Hudson's Bay Company)
Garment factory catches fire; 10 workers dead; over 50 injured.Gazipur, Dhaka Division, BangladeshInstitute for Global Labour and Human RightsDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard
Alianza Fashion
(Supplier Of Hudson's Bay Company)
For 12 years, Alianza robbed workers of over $6 million in wages and benefits, changed it's legal name 4 times, and defrauded the  Guatemalan Social Security Institute (including the workers’ pension accounts) of over $4.7 million. Alianza sold garments to brands who then profited by 415% and 550% mark-ups.
Chimaltenango, GuatemalaInstitute for Global Labour and Human RightsNon-Living Wage, Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, Union Repression, Unpaid Insurance, Unpaid Wages