Equilon Enterprises

Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
(Equilon Enterprises)
Oil companies fined for Clean Air Act violations. Civil penalty - $900,000.Texas, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Pollution
(Equilon Enterprises)
Violations of the Clean Air Act from 1999 through 2004; companies produced and distributed noncomplying fuel to motor vehicles threatening public health. Civil penalties for  - Shell $600,000 & BP $900,000.United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Equilon Enterprises)
Service stations operating in 1990s released large amounts of gasoline containing MTBE - potential carcinogen - nearby water wells, significantly contributing to Charnock Sub-basin drinking water problem. Replacing Santa Monica drinking water $3 million/year & $1.5 million investigation costs & cleanup costs over $200 million.Santa Monica, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection Agency, (2)Negligence, Pollution
Equilon EnterprisesFailure to accurately report chemical releases (cyclohexane and MTBE) used at facility - $16,500.Bakersfield, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud
01/11/2001Frontier El Dorado Refining LLC
(Co-owned by Equilon Enterprises)
Investigation suggests hazardous wastes or constituents released from oil refinery may have contaminated groundwater, surface water and soil.Kansas City, MO, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Equilon Enterprises)
3 petroleum refiners controlling 9 refineries ordered to reduce illegal harmful air pollution - NO & SO2 - by over 60,000 tons/year & also fined for alleged hazardous waste and toxics violations - civil penalties $9.5 million & environmental projects for pollution affected communities $5.5 million & installing pollution-control equipment ~$400 million.Delaware, Louisiana, Texas, California, Washington - USUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
(Equilon Enterprises)
Ill-maintained pipeline ruptures and releases over 230,000 gallons of gasoline and ignites - 3 people killed, including two ten-year-old boys; over 9 injured; home destroyed; resulting fire killed over 100,000 fish and other aquatic organisms; massive environmental damage on creeks and soil. Civil and criminal penalties on Shell and Olympic - $92 million.Bellingham, WA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Negligence, Pollution