Dongguan Dongyao Toy Co., Ltd

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(Dongguan Dongyao Toy Co., Ltd)
Investigation uncovers 18 sets of legal and ethical violations, including 84 to 110 hours of monthly overtime, up to 13-hour working days, as well as hot and crowded dormitories, in 6 toy factories.ChinaChina Labor WatchDiscrimination, Excessive Work Hours, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard, Pollution, Unpaid Wages
02/11/2012Dongguan Dongyao Toy Co., LtdLabor problems at toy factory (900 to 2,100 employees): extreme 180-210 monthly overtime in peak season (June-September); up to 14-15 hour daily shifts¬†6-7 days/week (including 6-7 hours of daily overtime); overtime illegally paid; lack of a living wage;¬†15 minute daily unpaid work; safety concerns; spray paint workers did not wear masks.  Hu Men, Dongguan, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchExcessive Work Hours, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard, Unpaid Overtime, Unpaid Wages