Dongguan Chenming Electronic Company Ltd

Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
22/06/2016Dongguan Chenming Electronic Company LtdWorker died of heart attack which came from¬†excessive overtime, fellow worker claims;¬†workers had to work over a month without even a day off; they may be required to work overtime all night.  Dongguan, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchDeaths, Excessive Work Hours
22/06/2016Dongguan Chenming Electronic Company LtdLabor concerns at factory (about 3,500 workers) manufacturing parts of electronic products: the factory does not strictly adhere to the terms of the employment contract; 12-13.5 daily work shifts; some shifts last up to 15 hours; workers must go 3 months without a single day off; forced labor is present at the factory; monthly wage is 2000 RMB (308USD); workers are not given any fire safety training; some reported injuries.Dongguan, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchAbusive Management, Excessive Work Hours, Forced Labor, Forced Overtime, Injuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard