Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
Energy Companies failure to disclose wells obscures fracking environmental hazards.United StatesBloombergPollution
Man who grew up near oil refinery files lawsuit to oil companies alleging that he developed leukemia from benzene exposure caused by repeated toxic releases.Roxanna, Illinois, USAbout LawsuitsInjuries & Diseases
ConocoPhillipsSeries of oil spills, not disclosed until a month later. Suspicions of official cover-ups by the State Oceanic Administration. Lawsuit from local fishermen due to damage to ecosystem - $297 million.Bohai Bay, Tianjin, ChinaForbes, Business & Human Rights Resource CenterBribing & Corruption, Pollution
Settled lawsuit over leak of environmentally hazardous gasoline additive MTBE, found throughout water systems; plaintiffs maintain the oil industry knew about environmental dangers yet rejected alternatives because of cost - $422 million.United StatesThe New York TimesPollution
BP (Beyond Petroleum)
(Field co-owned by ConocoPhillips)
'Prudhoe Bay' five-day oil spill caused by knowing neglect of corroding pipelines; around one million oil liters leaked.Prudhoe Bay, AK, United StatesBBCNegligence, Occupational Hazard, Pollution
ConocoPhillipsLeaked 330 page documents know as "Deception Dossiers" show that major oil companies were aware of climate change linked to their products for decades, and used deceptive tactics to reverse the information and block public policy. "These include forged letters to Congress, secret funding of a supposedly independent scientist, the creation of fake grassroots organizations, multiple efforts to deliberately manufacture uncertainty about climate science."Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate Change, Fraud