Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
ChevronLeaked 330 page documents know as "Deception Dossiers" show that major oil companies were aware of climate change linked to their products for decades, and used deceptive tactics to reverse the information and block public policy. "These include forged letters to Congress, secret funding of a supposedly independent scientist, the creation of fake grassroots organizations, multiple efforts to deliberately manufacture uncertainty about climate science."Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate Change, Fraud
06/08/2012ChevronLarge fire erupts at refinery; 15,000 people seek treatment at local hospitals; Chevron charged with operational deficiencies and negligence - $2 million in fines and restitution.Richmond, California, United StatesThe GuardianInjuries & Diseases, Negligence, Occupational Hazard, Pollution
16/01/2012Chevron'KS Endeavor' jackup rig explodes while drilling an exploration well for Chevron; 2 workers dead; Reuters news report alleges worker evacuation requests were ignored by Chevron; witness alleges Chevron also ignored rig engineer advise to stop drilling and evacuate staff.NigeriaReutersDeaths, Negligence, Occupational Hazard
08/11/2011ChevronSpill of crude oil from undersea rock near well in 'Frade oil' project; Brazilian regulators claimed leak of 416,400 liters of oil - $130 million settlement with Brazilian authorities.Rio de Janeiro coast, BrazilThe New York TimesPollution
San Francisco Judge orders oil companies to clean up fuel additive MTBE contamination caused by leaking storage tanks.CA, United StatesSFGATEPollution
Twenty-six parties ordered to cleanup contaminated soil from yearlong (1961 - 1980) disposal of hazardous substances. Costs - $2.2 million.Coventry, RI, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Settled lawsuit over leak of environmentally hazardous gasoline additive MTBE, found throughout water systems; plaintiffs maintain the oil industry knew about environmental dangers yet rejected alternatives because of cost - $422 million.United StatesThe New York TimesPollution
01/04/2008ChevronWikileaks cables indicate that Chevron lobbied the US Government to end trade preferences with Ecuador over 'Lago Agrio oil field' lawsuit.United StatesAmazon WatchLobbying
ChevronToxics Release Inventory counted 1.857 million pounds toxic waste released on environment by two Chevron refineries in 2005.CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Service stations operating in 1990s released large amounts of gasoline containing MTBE - potential carcinogen - nearby water wells, significantly contributing to Charnock Sub-basin drinking water problem. Replacing Santa Monica drinking water $3 million/year & $1.5 million investigation costs & cleanup costs over $200 million.Santa Monica, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection Agency, (2)Negligence, Pollution
Protesters at Chevron's facility attacked by Nigerian Joint Task Force; 1 death; 30 injured.Ugborodo, Delta, NigeriaAmnesty InternationalBeatings & Violence, Deaths, Injuries & Diseases, Killings
Companies ordered to clean up Santa Fe Springs superfund site from year-long dumping of metal wastes, PAHs and VOCs. Cleanup costs - $9.08 million.CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
Locals blame oil companies over violent encounter with security agents; 800 protesters injured; 15 women missing.Warri, NigeriaVanguard, allAfricaAbduction & Kidnap, Beatings & Violence, Injuries & Diseases
01/07/2002ChevronAngola fines Chevron for environmental damage from offshore drilling spills, including pollution of beaches and damage to fishing in the Cabinda region - $2 million.AngolaBBCPollution
23/08/2000ChevronViolation of Clean Air Act at offshore loading terminal - $7 million.El Segundo, California, United StatesUS Department of JusticePollution
26/03/1999ChevronExplosion and fire at refinery - spread of noxious fumes, hundreds of local residents sent to hospitals.Richmond, California, United StatesSan Francisco GateInjuries & Diseases, Pollution
04/01/1999ChevronTwo villages are attacked by Nigerian soldiers using helicopters and boats allegedly leased and/or owned by Chevron - number of villagers killed and injured. Chevron cleared from responsibility by US court.Opia & Ikenyan, NigeriaBusiness & Human Rights Resource CenterBeatings & Violence, Injuries & Diseases, Killings, Summary Executions, Terrorism, Torture
28/05/1998ChevronNigerian police and soldiers, allegedly flown in with Chevron helicopters and potentially hired by the corporation, shoot at oil platform protestors -2 dead, more than 10 wounded. One protester was taken into custody and claimed that the military tortured him. Chevron later cleared of any responsibility.Niger Delta, NigeriaBusiness & Human Rights Resource Center, Los Angeles TimesDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Killings, Torture
ChevronIllegal bypassing of waste water treatments at refinery and failure to notify public about toxic releases - $540,000.Richmond, California, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Pollution
(Subsidiary of Chevron)
Allegations that 'Lago Agrio oil field' operations polluted rainforests and rivers, resulting in serious damages to environment and health of locals.Ecuador and PeruBusiness & Human Rights Resource CenterInjuries & Diseases, Pollution

49 private and public entities sent millions of pounds of hazardous waste in Casmalia disposal facility causing 'longstanding environmental problems'. Cleanup costs - over $100 million.Santa Maria, CA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
26/09/1989ChevronUS OSHA fines Chevron for willfully failing to provide protective equipment to employees at Richmond refinery despite requests since early 1980s - $877,000.Richmond, VA, United StatesThe Washington PostNegligence, Occupational Hazard

~21 million gallons of waste oil disposed in lagoons and waste pits; VOCs, PCBs and lead. Periodic flooding resulted in wastes entering the Schuylkill River. 22 parties ordered cleanup - $14 to $18 million & past costs $13.85 million & future oversight $1.1 million.Berks County, PA, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution