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Workers protest over health and safety issues during construction of BP's platform.Trinidad and TobagoNewsdayOccupational Hazard
BP (Beyond Petroleum)Leaked 330 page documents know as "Deception Dossiers" show that major oil companies were aware of climate change linked to their products for decades, and used deceptive tactics to reverse the information and block public policy. "These include forged letters to Congress, secret funding of a supposedly independent scientist, the creation of fake grassroots organizations, multiple efforts to deliberately manufacture uncertainty about climate science."Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate Change, Fraud
12/10/2014BP (Beyond Petroleum)Colombian farmers are suing BP for economic losses suffered from pipeline environmental devastation - £18 million.ColombiaFinancial TimesPollution
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Oil companies accused of receiving tax breaks, subsidized loans, and external political and military support by the UK government.United KingdomPlatformLobbying, Tax Avoidance
BP (Beyond Petroleum)Accusations of "intentionally misleading the public about the seriousness" of a two-week release of toxic fumes, allegedly causing the affected county to have the worst air quality in the US.Galveston County, TX, United StatesCourthouse News ServiceConsumer Deception, Fraud, Pollution
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Man who grew up near oil refinery files lawsuit to oil companies alleging that he developed leukemia from benzene exposure caused by repeated toxic releases.Roxanna, Illinois, USAbout LawsuitsInjuries & Diseases
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San Francisco Judge orders oil companies to clean up fuel additive MTBE contamination caused by leaking storage tanks.CA, United StatesSFGATEPollution
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Residents of an Illinois town file toxic tort lawsuit against oil companies for groundwater contamination.Roxana, Illinois, United StatesAbout LawsuitsPollution
19/04/2011The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
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RBS accused of investing £1.3 billion - following a £5.6 billion prior investment - in environmentally damaging oil project of tar sands in Canada, also devastating ancestral lands of First Nation tribes.  Alberta, CanadaThe Guardian, Financial TimesClimate Change, Negligence, Pollution

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Documents reveal serious spills of oil and gas occurring at the rate of one a week from 5 oil companies operating in the North Sea.North SeaThe GuardianPollution
12/08/2010BP (Beyond Petroleum)Failure to correct 270 violations after 2005 Texas City explosion -$50.6 million; $30m still contested for 439 "new wilful violations"Texas City, TX, United StatesUS Department of Labor, BBCNegligence, Occupational Hazard
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Twenty-six parties ordered to cleanup contaminated soil from yearlong (1961 - 1980) disposal of hazardous substances. Costs - $2.2 million.Coventry, RI, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
BP (Beyond Petroleum)Report finds repeated disregard of safety and environmental rules, risking a serious accident; Executives were not held accountable for failures, and some were promoted despite them.North AmericaThe Washington PostNegligence, Occupational Hazard
BP (Beyond Petroleum)Illegal emission of harmful air pollutants from refinery, owing to persistent operation of malfunction-associated units.Texas City, TX, United StatesProPublicaNegligence, Pollution
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Drilling rig 'Deepwater Horizon' on lease to BP explodes and catches fire - 11 killed, 17 injured; 4.9 million oil barrels leaked; local wildlife, fishing and tourism immensely damaged; potential health hazards for clean-up workers and coastal residents; multiple lawsuits for companies involved; BP pleaded guilty to criminal charges; reparations and damages - over £20 billion.Gulf of MexicoUS Department of Justice, Business & Human Rights Resource Center, Financial TimesDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard, Pollution
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Cree aboriginals protest over tar sand project - destroying ancient boreal forest; spreading open-pit mining across local tribes' territories; contaminating their food and water with toxins; producing heavy CO2 emissions; disrupting local wildlife and threatening their way of life.Alberta, CanadaThe GuardianClimate Change, Habitat Extinction, Pollution
BP (Beyond Petroleum)US Regulators allege that BP manipulated the gas market through fraudulently trading physical natural gas in markets and trading points to increase the value of financial swing spread positions.Texas, USReutersFraud, Market Fraud & Antitrust
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Settled lawsuit over leak of environmentally hazardous gasoline additive MTBE, found throughout water systems; plaintiffs maintain the oil industry knew about environmental dangers yet rejected alternatives because of cost - $422 million.United StatesThe New York TimesPollution
01/04/2007BP (Beyond Petroleum)143 workers claim injury over release of toxic substance at refinery - ~$100 million in punitive damages, later reduced to less than $500,000.Texas City, TX, United StatesThe New York TimesInjuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard
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Violations of the Clean Air Act from 1999 through 2004; companies produced and distributed noncomplying fuel to motor vehicles threatening public health. Civil penalties for  - Shell $600,000 & BP $900,000.United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyPollution
25/04/2006BP (Beyond Petroleum)Inspection of refinery results in 32 per-instance willful citations - $2.4 million fineOregon, OhioUS Department of LaborNegligence, Occupational Hazard
BP (Beyond Petroleum)'Prudhoe Bay' five-day oil spill caused by knowing neglect of corroding pipelines; around one million oil liters leaked.Prudhoe Bay, AK, United StatesBBCNegligence, Occupational Hazard, Pollution
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Massive explosion at oil depot measuring 2.4 on the Richter scale injures 43 people, destroys homes and businesses and with yet unknown environmental damage that could last for decades. Firms involved fined almost 10£ million.Buncefield Terminal, Hemel Hempstead, United KingdomBBCInjuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard, Pollution
23/03/2005BP (Beyond Petroleum)Series of explosions at BP Texas City refinery - 15 workers killed, 180 injured; reports identified numerous technical and organisational failings at the refinery and within corporate BP; criminal and civil charges - $373m.Texas City, TXCSBDeaths, Injuries & Diseases, Occupational Hazard
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300 Russian Islanders protest against oil companies for depletion of fish stocks, and destroyed forests and pastures allegedly caused by Sakhalin platform.Sakhalin, RussiaPlanet Ark - ReutersPollution
BP (Beyond Petroleum)BP charged with cornering and manipulating the price of TET propane in 2003 and 2004 - $303 million in restitution and fines as part of an agreement to defer prosecution.United StatesUS Commodity Futures Trading CommissionConsumer Deception, Fraud, Market Fraud & Antitrust
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Toxic gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides and benzene coming from refineries poisons air, and cause high incidence of cancer and respiratory ailments among residents, NGO says.Dourban South AfricaBBCInjuries & Diseases, Negligence, Pollution
BP (Beyond Petroleum)Ιllegall release of air pollutants caused by failure to adequately inspect, maintain, repair and properly operate thousands of pieces of equipment across refinery - $81 million.Carson, California, United StatesSouth Coast Air Quality Management DistrictNegligence, Pollution
02/12/2002BP (Beyond Petroleum)Oil companies punished for 7 of 4,123 oil spills through 2000 - 2011, with no company having to pay more than £20,000. BP's Forties Alpha platform leaked ~28tn of diesel - £20,000 fine.  North SeaThe GuardianPollution
01/02/2002BP (Beyond Petroleum)Alleged involvement of BP in kidnapping, murder and torture of suspected pipeline activists.Casanare, ColombiaThe GuardianAbduction & Kidnap, Deaths, Injuries & Diseases, Killings, Torture
BP (Beyond Petroleum)Construction of BP's OCENSA pipeline causes soil erosion, spoiled crops and fish ponds being starved of water, destroying livelihoods.  BP also allegedly benefited from the activities of paramilitaries employed to guard the pipeline, who intimidated the local population, obstructed farming and suppressed legitimate opposition to the pipeline - millions of £ in out-of-court settlement.ColombiaBusiness & Human Rights Resource CenterBeatings & Violence, Death Threats, Pollution
BP (Beyond Petroleum)Illegal discharge of waste oil, paint thinner and other toxic and hazardous substances by injecting them down oil wells. BP Exploration Alaska failed to report the illegal injections when it learned of the conduct; BP pleads guilty to criminal charges - $22 million.Endicott Island, North Slope, AK, United StatesUS Environmental Protection AgencyFraud, Pollution