Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
11/01/2014Doo Jung
(Supplier Of Armani)
(Supplier Of Christian Dior SE)
(Supplier Of Chanel)
(Supplier Of Mary Kay)
(Supplier Of NARS Cosmetics)
(Supplier Of Lancôme)
(Supplier Of L’Oreal)
Hundreds of workers go on strike after manager slaps female worker at factory (with about 600 employees) manufacturing cosmetic brushes. Serious labor violations reported, including: 3-5 hours daily overtime, in addition to base 8 hour schedule, 6 days/week; 7 days/week in busy season; lack of effective protective measures.Shenzhen, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Excessive Work Hours, Occupational Hazard, Unpaid Insurance
Yu Bao Wei Ye Group
(Supplier Of Best Buy)
(Supplier Of Disney)
(Supplier Of Carrefour)
Normal 12 hour factory schedule for workers, sometimes with no rest days in an entire month, 2 report child workers, very low wages, physical abuse, no safety equipment. Workers say the factory is run by the criminal underworld.  Guangzhou, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor Watch, (2)Beatings & Violence, Child Labor, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard, Unpaid Insurance, Unpaid Overtime
05/09/2012China Railway Group LimitedAllegations of physical beating of migrant workers who were demanding payment of overdue wages.ChinaChina Labor Watch (5th par)Beatings & Violence, Unpaid Wages
23/09/2012Foxconn Technology Group
(Supplier Of Apple)
Over 2,000 workers riot at Foxconn factory making iPhone 5's, after factory guards dragged worker into a van and began beating him.Taiyuan, Shanxi, ChinaChina Labor WatchBeatings & Violence
01/12/2004Kingmaker Footwear factory
(Supplier Of Timberland)
(Supplier Of Skechers)
(Supplier Of Wolverine Worldwide)
(Supplier Of Stride Rite)
(Supplier Of Clarks)
Harsh working conditions at factory producing clothes and footwear: verbal harassment, physical abuse, 13.5 hours in the factory (11 work hours), child laborers of 14 to 16 years old, 16 workers sleep in one room.Zhongshan, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Child Labor, Excessive Work Hours, Inspection Fraud, Occupational Hazard
Catcher Technology
(Supplier Of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
(Supplier Of Dell)
(Supplier Of Hewlett-Packard (HP))
(Supplier Of Motorola)
(Supplier Of Sony)
(Supplier Of Fujitsu)
10.5 working hours per day, 7 days/week regardless of peak or off season. Workers are being scolded, if being slow. At times physical abuse is in order. Workers complain of strong toxic odors, when manufacturing mobile phones and cameras.Suzhou, Jiangsu, ChinaChina Labor WatchAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Discrimination, Excessive Work Hours, Occupational Hazard
(Suppliers Of Apple)
(Suppliers Of Acer)
(Suppliers Of ASUS)
(Suppliers Of Celestica Inc.)
(Suppliers Of Dell)
(Suppliers Of Seiko Holdings Corporation)
(Suppliers Of Fujitsu)
(Suppliers Of Hitachi)
(Suppliers Of Hewlett-Packard (HP))
(Suppliers Of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
(Suppliers Of Intel Corporation)
(Suppliers Of Lenovo)
(Suppliers Of LG)
(Suppliers Of Motorola)
(Suppliers Of NEC)
(Suppliers Of Nokia)
(Suppliers Of Philips)
(Suppliers Of Seagate Technology)
(Suppliers Of Siemens)
(Suppliers Of Sony)
(Suppliers Of Toshiba)
(Suppliers Of Samsung)
Report reveals that suppliers of computer components in the Philippines violated labour laws and codes of conduct of computer brands.PhilippinesSOMOAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard
10/01/2014SamsungWorkers riot at Samsung factory, after late-arriving worker is beaten by security guards.Thai Nguyen, VietnamBusiness InsiderAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Injuries & Diseases
13/08/2001Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)Youth shot dead during clashes between community members and Shell security.Bayelsa, NigeriaallAfrica, This DayBeatings & Violence, Deaths, Killings
(Shell (Royal Dutch Shell))
Locals blame oil companies over violent encounter with security agents; 800 protesters injured; 15 women missing.Warri, NigeriaVanguard, allAfricaAbduction & Kidnap, Beatings & Violence, Injuries & Diseases