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Date Company Accusation City / Area / Country Source Tags Media
22/06/2016Dongguan Chenming Electronic Company Ltd
(Supplier Of Fujitsu)
Worker died of heart attack which came from excessive overtime, fellow worker claims; workers had to work over a month without even a day off; they may be required to work overtime all night.  Dongguan, Guangdong, ChinaChina Labor WatchDeaths, Excessive Work Hours
01/02/2007Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited
(Supplier Of Fujitsu)
Labor concerns at factory (about 12,000 employees) manufacturing electronic components: contract workers discriminated vis-à-vis regular workers; wages not sufficient to cover living expenditures; LCD workers solder lead and inhale the smoke; accident reported in 2001 were 6 people died after building collapse.ThailandSOMODeaths, Discrimination, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard