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Report accuses electronics companies for: holdingĀ a large voting bloc on most U.S. green standards groups; consistently opposing repair and reuse designs for their products; instead approve criteria they can easily achieve and earn green certificates.          United, Motherboard.VICEConsumer Deception, Lobbying, Negligence, Pollution
12/04/2016AppleApple accused of publishing false data concerning labor conditions on it's supplier factories.ChinaChina Labor WatchConsumer Deception, Fraud, Inspection Fraud
23/02/2012Foxconn Technology Group
(Supplier Of Apple)
Major labor rights NGOs release open statement accusing a Fair Labor Association audit of Foxconn plants, which concluded that Foxconn factories were 'better than the norm,' of major flaws in their system, calling the audits a 'PR stunt.'ChinaGoodElectronicsConsumer Deception, Inspection Fraud