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22/12/2014Zhen Ding Technology Holdings Limited
(Supplier Of Apple)
Incidents of over 100 security guards harassing and beating factory workers. Workers toil for 64 to 72 hours/week; with low wages; workers are numb and exhausted. "We are just machines" - Zhen Ding Tech worker
Shenzhen, Guangdong, ChinaInstitute for Global Labour and Human RightsAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Discrimination, Excessive Work Hours, Forced Overtime, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard, Pollution, Tax Avoidance, Union Repression
27/09/2012Foxconn Technology Group
(Supplier Of Apple)
Foxconn workers allege dehumanizing treatment, bullying, and awful management in company factories and dorms.ChinaReutersAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence
23/09/2012Foxconn Technology Group
(Supplier Of Apple)
Over 2,000 workers riot at Foxconn factory making iPhone 5's, after factory guards dragged worker into a van and began beating him.Taiyuan, Shanxi, ChinaChina Labor WatchBeatings & Violence

(Supplier Of Apple)
Labor violations at SDI Mobile factory (3500 workers) producing mobile displays: workers reach up to 186 hours of overtime during peak season; overtime is forced; serious gender and age discrimination; insulting and beating up of workers; hiring workers under 18 years of age; some workers receive wages below the legal minimum.  Xiqing, Tianjin, ChinaChina Labor WatchAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Child Labor, Discrimination, Excessive Work Hours, Non-Living Wage
21/05/2010Foxconn Technology Group
(Supplier Of Apple)
Manager at Foxconn Technology Group's factory confirms that company security guards beat employees in an incident last August.Beijing, ChinaChina.orgBeatings & Violence
16/07/2009Foxconn Technology Group
(Supplier Of Apple)
25-year-old male Foxconn employee commits suicide after being interrogated about missing prototype for new iPhone. Some report that, shortly before his death, he had been detained and beaten by senior official in Foxconn security department.ChinaThe Wall Street JournalAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Suicides
(Suppliers Of Apple)
Report reveals that suppliers of computer components in the Philippines violated labour laws and codes of conduct of computer brands.PhilippinesSOMOAbusive Management, Beatings & Violence, Non-Living Wage, Occupational Hazard